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grocery store lessons

There are so many things I adore about homeschooling my three children.  One of the things I like the most is the flexibility we have in our schedule and the relaxed pace we are allowed to keep.  We have time to not only study particular issues or subjects, but also take field trips together to provide for a more hands-on experience.

For example, when we study math or finance, I assign the kids a budget and a list of items we need to purchase at a store.  Once we arrive at the store, this lesson allows them to price compare, learn about sale items or discounts using percentages, and decide if they have the funds to cover the expenses.  I have found that a lesson like this one teaches different focuses of math, and also teaches them a life lesson about budgeting money.  For some people, this is not a lesson that is easily acquired.  I think many adults have had little opportunity to actually apply lessons they learned in school to real life situations.  Perhaps that is the cause of so many individuals who are facing personal debt.  I cherish the chance to teach my kids the lessons that could affect them for many years to come.

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