A Lesson in Electricity

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We live in an older home, and although we have done some updating throughout the years, it always seems like something is breaking or going wrong.  For instance, the other day during reading time all the lights in the classroom started flickering.  It was bright and sunny outside so I knew it wasn’t the weather causing it and none of the other lights in the house were flickering.  I waited for my husband to get home hoping that it was an easy fix, but he’s not exactly the most skilled handyman so he just shrugged and said to call an electrician.

I’m the type of person who likes to do a lot of research and investigating before I hire just anyone to come into our home and do work, so I set out to find the best electrician Birmingham AL had to offer.  I found a company that had a lot of great online reviews and when I called them the woman who answered was so friendly and polite and said she would have her best technician at our house within the hour.  Talk about fast service!

So the technician arrived and, noticing that the kids were all home, asked what the occasion was for them to all be out of school.  I explained that we homeschool and his eyes lit up.  He said he was homeschooled all the way up until high school and was so thankful for all of the non-traditional education he got to experience.  He then asked me if he could do an on-the-fly lesson about electricity with the kids.  Talk about a great opportunity!

So he sat down in the classroom with the kids and talked to them about the basic components of electricity and had them help him test the lights.  It was really great to watch, and my kids were all beaming.  What a cool experience!  Anyway, the electrician informed me that we had aluminum wiring which is what was used back in the day because it was cheaper than copper wiring.  Apparently, aluminum wiring has caused many house fires over the years so it is very dangerous to have in your home.  He explained that his company is certified to correct the wiring instead of replacing it all, which is a much quicker process as well as cheaper.  I didn’t understand the process completely but the basis of it is to pair copper wiring with the aluminum wiring to make it more stable.

Of course my husband wasn’t able to answer the phone to discuss our options and I knew that I needed to talk with him about it before making the decision, so the electrician and I agreed that I would call the office in the next day or so and we would schedule something.  He also said he would love to let the kids be a part of the process if we could fit it into our schedule.

If it weren’t for homeschooling, my kids would have missed out on an opportunity to learn about something we all take for granted.  While our days may be hectic and I often feel like the “Crazy Home School Lady”, I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

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