Graduating From Home School

This is a blog post written by my friend, Angela Jacobsen.  My kids are all still young so I wanted to give a perspective about homeschooling older children as well.

One topic that many people are confused about when it comes to homeschooling their children is making sure that the child/student has enough credit when it comes time to graduate and go to college.  Furthermore, exactly how does a homeschooled student have a graduation?   Does it look like a traditional graduation?  What about prom?  Prom has been one of the most important moments in a high school student’s life for many years.  Do they have to miss out?

I was just as confused as everyone else when I first started homeschooling.  My oldest was nearing his senior year and we wanted to be sure that he wouldn’t be losing any credit by homeschooling and would be prepared for college.  Through friends sharing their knowledge about their own experiences with homeschooling, I was able to get most of the information on the topics of my concern, quite easily.  There are numerous sites online regarding the subject of homeschooling.  Hundreds of moms share their experiences with homeschooling their children in order to make it easier on new moms who are starting on this adventure.  They are usually quite candid about their failures, as well as their successes.  On many of the sites, there are resources listed to help parents considering homeschooling connect with organizations that advocate for homeschooling.

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